Red Diamond

A spacious room of over 5,000 square feet fully furnished with stately upholstery; our Red Diamond Ballroom is one of unique and exceptional beauty. The hall can host a crowd of 350 guests under a banquet rounds layout. One of the best features of our Red Diamond Ballroom is that it’s built along the concept of wide spaces and an open floor plan, which makes the room ideal for hosting to a large crowd of guests. The interior has been designed drawing inspiration from age old artistic traditions with the additional modern twist to give the place a unique yet elegant outlook. A blend of fabric and wooden textures make up the wall, while the ceiling boasts a modern design influenced by the traditional hourglass thereby resulting in a room of extreme elegance and a touch of history. The warm red lighting gives the room its namesake and makes for an ideal location in Matara to host a wedding or a homecoming.

Ideal for weddings and large gatherings. If you’re looking for a wedding hall in Matara, Red Diamond Banquet Hall is the place.

Hall Facilities:

  • Fully Air Conditioned


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